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Research shows that young children learn best by DOING.

While learning your child should be playing, experimenting, discovering, observing, and moving.

Your child’s early years are the foundation of your child’s future development and is essential to their future success.

This is why NOW is the perfect time to start creating a love of learning in your little one.

Teaching your little one doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

Take a look around to find found inspiration and support by way of courses, freebies, blog posts, podcasts, and educational resources.

Hello and welcome to Teaching a Love of Learning.

My name is Christina, I’ve been educating my children at home for years now and I get it– 

I’ve spent daysweeksmonths trying to figure out what educational essentials to teach my children in a way that was enjoyable for all of us.

Turns out, it’s not what I teach them that creates their love for learning, it’s how I  teach them that makes them want to continue to learn.

I’ve discovered the importance of hands-on learning and allowing children to learn through play.

Now that I only focus on creating loving educational memories with my children, the learning happens effortlessly.

I’m here to show you – how to teach early learning standards to your little ones and how to build their love for learning while doing it.

Are you ready to bring excitement and fun into your child’s learning journey?