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The Toddler Learning Binder

The Toddler Learning Binder was created to make learning easy and fun for both parents and children.

This binder is a great way to get your toddlers ready for Preschool and Kindergarten, plus it’s fun and engaging! What’s also great about this binder is everything you need to teach your toddler will all be kept in one place. It’s always ready to go and perfect for on the go learning.

To learn more about this binder and to see it in action keep reading!

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A Source for Your Toddler When Homeschooling Children

While homeschooling your older children, finding activities to occupy your toddler can be a challenge. So, why not include your toddler in the learning process? When your older children are sitting at the learning table, engaged in structured learning, supply your toddler with tools for their structured learning, as well.

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Toddler-Homeschool, Win-Win

Not only will your toddler allow you to help your other children with their schoolwork, but also your toddler will get a head start on pre-school work. Plus, your toddler will feel included in the day as a whole when they can participate in all of the day’s events.

Introducing the Toddler Learning Binder

When your older children sit down to work on schoolwork, tell your toddler it’s time for their schoolwork, as well, and ask your toddler to join you at the table with their Toddler Learning Binder. Keep the binder in a location where your toddler can easily access it but also where they know it’s exclusively for their use while sitting at the table for school.

When it’s time to move on to an activity away from the table or when it’s time for your toddler’s nap, ask them to put their learning binder away for that session, making the learning binder a special tool just for them, just for the structured learning times of the day.

Ways to Use The Toddler Learning Binder

There are multiple ways this Binder could be used to help your toddler learn essential skills for pre-school. Here are a few of them:

A Fluency Binder – Print the pages you would like to use. Go over each page with your child daily to help build vocabulary and fluency in basic skills. A Learning Binder – Print two copies of the pages you would like to use. Have your child match the objects. Cut and Paste Resource – Print two copies of the pages you would like to use. Have your Toddle cut and match (paste) the objects.

Toddler-Age Appropriate

Your Toddler Learning Binder covers appropriate topics for a toddler with a few advanced topics to prepare them for pre-school. With matching activities for each page of the binder, your toddler can immerse themselves in more than 10 pages of activities. If you would like to make your binder “toddler-proof,” you can even laminate the pages and use Velcro for the attachable pieces.

Topics for the Toddler Learning Binder

Organized with the easiest topics like the alphabet at the beginning of the binder and the more advanced topics like animals toward the end, the Toddler Learning binder dedicates one or two pages per topic with matching pieces. The following topics are covered in the binder:


Numbers and Counting



Body Parts



Farm Animals

Zoo Animals

Transportation – Land

Transportation – Air

Homeschooling with a Toddler

Remember to schedule your toddler’s playtimes and nap times around your other children’s schedules. If you need to work on difficult learning areas with your other children, wait until your toddler is asleep either for a nap or in the evening. Flexibility is key. If your toddler doesn’t want to sit at the table and work on their learning binder, encourage them to sit at the table to work on another activity like drawing. While homeschooling with a toddler can be a challenge, providing activities like the Toddler Learning Binder can make it a bit easier.

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