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How to Overcome your Homeschooling Fears


Overcomer Fear

Are you ready to overcome your homeschooling fears?

Fear is one of the most mentioned reasons why families choose not to homeschool their children. 

Some families fear their not smart enough to homeschool, while other families fear that the cost of homeschooling is too expensive.

While fears are common amongst homeschooling families and families who are interested in homeschooling, I believe that with a little guidance, families can overcome their fears and successfully homeschool their children.

If you’re interested in knowing what some of the common homeschooling fears are and ways to overcome them, keep reading.

4 Homeschooling Fears and How to Overcome Them.


1.  Fear – Incompetent 

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Let’s be honest, there may come a time when you feel like you don’t know enough about a particular subject to teach it. This is a common feeling amongst homeschooling families. 

If or when that time occurs, you must be willing and ready to learn alongside your child or be prepared to look for help. 

It’s important for you to know what your strongest and weakest teaching subjects are while you’re homeschooling. 

When it’s time to teach a subject that you’re uncomfortable teaching, you’ll know that you’ll need to learn the lesson or find a tutor to teach the lesson for you. 

If you stay at least two lessons ahead of your child, you’ll be aware of what you’re required to know, learn, and teach.

Staying ahead of the lessons will give you time to learn the lessons yourself, do any additional research, or find a tutor to teach the lesson.

Although you may not know all the answers to the questions that make arise while homeschooling. As long as you’re willing to learning alongside your child and find the necessary help when you need it, you’ll do fine.

2. Fear – Socializing 

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When you mention homeschooling to others, the first question you’ll get asked is, “what about socializing.” 

Often time people think that since your child doesn’t spend 8 hours a day with their peers, they’re missing the chance to socialize. 

This is far from the truth.

Homeschooling will provide your family with plenty of socializing opportunities.

Here are some ways homeschooled kids can socialize:

a) Homeschool co-ops 

Many homeschooling families participate in co-ops. 

A co-op is a great place for homeschooling families to share information, and it’s also a great place for both parents and kids to socialize.

Co-ops can meet at least once or twice a week, and the activities can be done away from the typical study environment. 

If you can’t find a co-op in your area, then I encourage you to start your own. I’m sure other homeschooling families would be interested in joining a co-op.

b) Community sports

Another great way homeschooling kids can socialize with others is by engaging in community sports. 

Community sports is a good way to socialize and discover a sport that your child might be talented in. 

You should check out your parks and recreation area to get more information on the sports available in your community.

c) Church Activities

Although socializing is not the main reason you should go to church, it’s a good place to make social connections with other kids.

Church’s consist of private school, public school, and homeschooled children, it’s a good and safe place for children to play together.  

More importantly, during this time, your kids will get to learn about Yah, the Bible, and faith.

Contrary to popular belief, homeschooling doesn’t mean that your child will not get the chance to socialize with others. 

In fact, homeschooling will allow your child to socialize and connect with all types of people, not just their peers.

3. Fear – Time

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Having enough time to homeschool is another homeschooling fear parents have. 

Often people think they need 7-8 hours each day to homeschool, and while that may be the case for the traditional public school system, that is not the case for homeschooling. 

Most homeschooling families only need 4 hours or less, depending on the age of their child to complete their daily homeschooling lessons. 

This would include co-ops, going to the park, and other activities you schedule for your child.

Although imitating the public school schedule can be tempting, you don’t have to, especially if it’s not working for your family. 

Time will never be an issue if you fit homeschooling into your family’s life instead of fitting your family’s life into homeschooling.  

4. Fear – Money 

Lastly, many homeschooling families worry about the cost of homeschooling their children. 

Although some homeschooling curriculum can be expensive for some families, there are some great inexpensive and free homeschooling curriculum available online for homeschooling families.   

Here are some of them to consider;

  • All in One Homeschool: this is an online Christian Homeschooling website where you will get free curriculums for your child. The site comes with 180-day lesson plans that will enhance your home learning experience. 
  • Khan Academy: There are hundreds of online videos with each teaching different subjects. This is mostly useful if you don’t understand a particular subject and you have to teach it to your students. 
  • Core Knowledge: The site includes lesson plans with core knowledge series, which can help you create the ideal homeschool curriculum for your child. 
  • Hippo Campus: in this site, you will find over 6800 free videos in over 13 different subject areas. 

In Conclusion:

Although fear is common amongst first-time homeschooling families. It shouldn’t be the reason you decide not to homeschool.  

To the families who are interested in homeschooling, I encourage you to write down the reasons homeschooling is the best choice for your family. 

To the families how are currently homeschooling, I encourage you to write down the reasons you’ve chosen to homeschool. 

Use this list to keep you going when you get worried or fearful. 

Don’t let fear discourage you from doing something that the Father has created and designed you to do.

You Got This!

CHIME IN: Have you dealt with homeschooling fears, how did you overcome them? Are there any homeschooling fears that you’re currently facing? Let us know in the comments below.

Shalom (Peace)